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Program Annual Reports

In 2015, we have finished placing 25 foreign architects in China with internship and formal jobs. 2015 became a disaster for Chinese real estate design industry. Many foreign design firm, especially U
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Program Introduction

Archibucks Global Employment & Training Program   "Your passport to China !"   What is ARCHIBUCKS GET Program ARCHIBUCKS GET Program is a global professional architect training and emplo
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Bamboo’s Trip ——An interview with architect Eric Salmon

  His bright and clear voice seemed to wake me up from the call waiting. Actually I was not so familiar with him, even haven’t seen him before. Architect, American, tall and teacups, that&
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Featured jobs

Hotel Design Chief Architect/Director Position in Beijing:Beijing , China(Mainland)
Interior Design Director Position in Shanghai:Shanghai , China(Mainland)
Project Design Director(SHANGHAI):Shanghai , China(Mainland)
Junior Urban Designer/Planner Position(SHANGHAI):Shanghai , China(Mainland)
Lead Electrical Engineer(SHANGHAI):Shanghai , China(Mainland)